Ride Safely On the Trail

Weaver Leather is pleased to partner with Stacy Westfall of Westfall Horsemanship in bringing you this informative video. Stacy, a natural horsemanship expert and award-winning horse-woman, covers a range of important topics to help keep you safe on the trail. She believes in providing you with effective training methods that are straightforward, practical and work into your everyday life.

This video Includes:

  • Safety tips to keep in mind before you hit the trail.
  • A look at the problems horse and rider may encounter on the trail. You’ll learn about forward movement with helpful tips on crossing streams and mud. You’ll also learn about proper seat position and its role in going up and down hills as well as an in-depth look at the one-rein stop.
  • A variety of arena training exercises to prepare you for the trail including bending with a lunge whip, exercises with the ball that help control your horse’s emotions and reenacting scenarios you may encounter on the trail.
  • Stacy will then take you back to the trail to apply the arena training exercises to real-life trail situations.

Watch the video online:


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