Decades of Change

Since our humble beginnings, Weaver Leather has become a driving force across various industries including equine, livestock, leather supply, pet, arborist and custom manufacturing. Below are some highlights from our history that have paved the way and prepared us for continued growth.


This was the decade that started it all! In 1973, Harry Weaver founded our company in a small 20' x 40' garage just down the road from our current facility and named the new business the Fryburg Shoe Shop. The next few years brought opportunities to manufacture leather halters, arborist saddles, and other leather goods. With the shift from shoe repair, the company name was changed to Weaver Leather Goods.


The 80s brought tremendous growth for Weaver Leather Goods with the increased demand for high quality, handcrafted leather goods. In 1982, we produced our very first 10 page catalog for equine, livestock, pet and supply products. Paul Weaver, Harry Weaver’s son, was appointed president of Weaver Leather Goods in 1983, and Weaver Distributing Co. was founded later that year to distribute leather and hardware. The following year saw our very first Annual Consignment Auction that continues to this day. This decade also produced the merging of Weaver Leather Goods and Weaver Distributing Co. into one company, Weaver Leather, Inc.

Facility Additions
Early 80s: 800 sq. ft.
1987: New 12,000 sq. ft. building to house all operations
1989: 12,000 sq. ft.


This decade started out on a high note with our very first Supply Catalog featuring 36 pages of leather, hardware, tools and other supplies. The early 90s also saw our introduction of the patented Miracle Collar® and Lil’ Dude® Stirrups, setting the stage for a future filled will innovative products. At the end of the 90s, we acquired Morgan’s, a manufacturer and distributor of western saddlery items including saddles, cinches, halters, pack saddles, and more to meet growing demand.

Facility Additions
1992: 12,000 sq. ft.
1994: 30,000 sq. ft.
1998: 20,000 sq. ft.


The new millennium brought even more opportunities for expansion. Some of the opportunities included the acquisition of leather supply distributor Mast Hardware, the introduction of the Smart Cinch® with the patented Roll Snug® Cinch Buckle, the development of our very own Master Tools line of leatherworking machinery, the launch of our widely popular AirFlex® Cinch, and more.

Mid-decade, we purchased a collection of memorabilia from Merle Grant, a longtime customer and friend of Paul Weaver, and opened a museum at our facility to display his unique collection. This remains a popular stop on Weaver Leather tours today.

Facility Additions
2002: 25,000 sq. ft.
2005: 60,000 sq. ft.
Late 2000s: Misc. additions


This decade started off strong with designating Livestock as a standalone division, the printing of our first separate livestock catalog, and the acquisition of Grand Drive Livestock Supply, makers and distributors of grooming liquids and aerosols. We also expanded our line of leatherworking machinery with the patented Little Wonder® designed to quickly set a wide range of snaps, rivets and more. Our Equine Division has also experienced additional growth with the recent acquisitions of eZall® Technologies, RidersRasp®, and Silvertip® Halters.

Facility Additions
2015: 21,900 sq. ft. separate Fabrication Shop to meet growing customer demand for livestock equipment