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Developed by Paul Weaver, Weaver Leather CEO, Lodestar Guidance is a comprehensive leadership program designed to transform good organizations into great ones. This series of 48 character principles equips teams with the tools needed to inspire positive change and enhance the culture of organizations.

To learn how to incorporate into your own business or organization, visit www.lodestar-guidance.com.

Empowering Leaders
Weaver Leather develops future leaders and supports the growth of current leaders with the Lodestar Guidance Program. Shifting the focus of leadership from gaining new followers to developing more leaders, this program has proven an invaluable tool as we invest in the success of our employees and leadership team.

Developing Character
At Weaver Leather, we believe the character of individual employees determines the character of our organization. That’s why we all participate in monthly Lodestar meetings where resources are distributed to help us develop and maintain strong character.

Enhancing Culture
At Weaver Leather, a positive organizational culture is in the hands of every team member. It not only affects our work environment, but also the way others perceive our company. Visitors to Weaver Leather often comment on the positive and friendly culture they experience during a tour. A healthy, thriving culture is cultivated through the continued investment in our employees through Lodestar Guidance.