Weaver Leather Supply Joins Instagram

January 30, 2016

MT HOPE, OH--Weaver Leather Supply is branching out to new horizons in the world of Instagram, creating another new avenue for you to keep up with what’s happening in the leatherworking world. When you follow us on Instagram, you’ll find behind-the-scenes shots, contests, product spotlights, reposts from our customers sharing their finished products with us, videos and so much more.

As a leatherworker and artist, each piece you create is unique and creative. Instagram is a great outlet in which to share pictures of your masterpieces. It offers filters to take a picture from good to great, hashtags to make it easy to connect with others interested in the same trade and appeals to the artist within. These are just a few of the reasons why Weaver Leather Supply has made the decision to join Instagram.

We enjoy interacting with our customers while answering questions, getting helpful product feedback and staying connected to what’s happening in your workshops. We would love to have you tag us in future posts so we don’t miss a beat with any of our valued customers.